Emily l Blankley Design

Here is my website, please take a look, it is still being altered a little bit and I hope to have a shop page set up soon. 

i'm back! Plenty of colour: modern gold.

Hello! i am back, currently alternating between my poor broken laptop and my boyfriends old almost broken laptop. The first thing on my list of things to buy when I get a decent paying job is to buy a laptop or an i-pad, fingers crossed for a nice employer to hire me soon. hint hint!! i am currently working on some items to sell at craft fairs and on my website, as well as working on my altar cloth commission. xx

Enjoy the article it is beautiful and inspiring! 

Here we go a few images of my work from the exhibition, its been a very long time since i posted. so here we go. Its been hectic and lots of fun.


This is my friend Sian’s work, she is an amazing designer and embroiderer. Take a look at her website, it is well worth it. Enjoy!